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Management Jobs Help a Company Attain Its Goals and Work Cohesively into the Future
Posted :06-Feb-2014
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Individuals in the middle levels of organizational management hold management jobs. This phrase is interchangeable with others, such as general managers, branch managers, manufacturing managers, and many others. 

These key personnel have specific powers that have been granted to them by the chief officers and executive management of the company for which they work. In most companies, employees that hold management jobs report to the executive management, who in turn report to the board of directors or the shareholders. Management jobholders frequently delegate responsibility for the day-to-day activities of the business enterprise to other lower-level personnel. The management jobs are held by supervisory personnel who direct the day-to-day operation of a company. These management jobholders include those who are involved directly in manufacturing, research and development, quality control, sales, marketing, finance, personnel, facilities maintenance, real estate, legal, and other facets of a successful business enterprise.


Those who are directly responsible for managing profitability and day-to-day operations of a company coordinate the efforts of other employees using available resources effectively and efficiently. The management job may involve staffing, planning, organizing, leading, or controlling a specific group of people within the organization or company. These endeavors lead directly to the successful completion of goals.


Internationally, there are subtle differences in management jobs within an organization. However, any businessperson in the world understands that the management job of a financial manager involves the financial health and well-being of that manager’s department. The definitions are not exclusive to certain countries or cultures. With that understanding, the following management job definitions will have significant meaning to any businessperson, regardless of geographic location.


An important management job is human resources. The department managed by this person is responsible for attracting, selecting, assessing, training, and rewarding employees. He or she is also tasked with the job of complying with labor and employment laws. A human resources manager may have the responsibility of liaison with a labor union. This management job is all about people.


A production or operations management jobholder oversees and controls the process of production of a company’s goods or services. No matter the end product of the company, employees produce something of value. An operations manager makes sure that the process runs smoothly each and every day. A manager who holds this position may be required to possess specific technical knowledge. For instance, an operations management jobholder in an automobile assembly plant must have working knowledge of how that automobile is assembled.


Another management job that holds a place of importance in a corporation is that of strategic management. The manager in charge of strategic planning may have to analyze the initiatives handed down from the owners or board of directors. He or she may be responsible for developing long-term projects and programs designed to achieve an organization’s mission. Strategic management jobs, by definition, fall somewhere between goal setting and tactics.


Marketing management jobs focus on implementing practical marketing techniques and strategies within the company. A manager is responsible for the resources and activities of the marketing department, and frequently reports to the Chief Operations Officers. In large corporations that produce a myriad of products, there may be several marketing managers assigned to the different product lines.


Management jobs in finance are nearly self-explanatory. Managers within the financial department balance risk against profitability, maximize the company’s wealth and value of its stock, and provide advice on investments. In the day-to-day business of the company, finance department managers oversee the bookkeeping of a company. They are responsible for the financial data presented to upper-level management. If this data is not accurate, C-level management cannot make informed decisions as to the future of the company or enterprise.


Information technology management jobs are increasingly important. The management jobholders make sure that the technology resources of their department or company are utilized in accordance with its priorities. IT management may be responsible for computer hardware, data, networks, software, data center facilities, and the staff to keep them running without interruption.


Management jobs within a corporation are sometimes considered unavoidable. It would be ideal if employees could work cohesively without management; however, this is not normally the case.

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