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Personnel: People and Companies Working Together in a Mutually Advantageous Relationship
Posted :06-Feb-2014
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Simply defined, personnel are the people who work for a particular company or on a particular project. 


A personnel department has been defined as the department within a company that manages the employees and people who work for the company. In more recent times, the term ‘human resources' has replaced ‘personnel' as a department name.

Personnel are people who are generally referred to as employees and work for compensation. Personnel are managed by employers, some of whom bear the title of manager or supervisor. Personnel contribute to an enterprise or endeavor with labor and expertise. They are employed to perform specific duties. These duties, taken together are called jobs. Compensation varies upon the personnel’s country, culture, and other considerations.


The personnel of a company have a working relationship with the employer, owner, or manager. Depending on the nature of the contractual relationship, personnel may answer directly to one person. In many cases, this person is designated as a supervisor. The relationship between personnel and the management representative is predominantly affected by three factors: control, motivation, and interests. The employer is frequently considered responsible for maintaining balance of these factors in a way that makes everyone happy and results in a productive work relationship.


Managerial control of personnel within an organization has significant implications for productivity and staff alike. In order to achieve the desired outcomes within the work process, personnel must place a certain amount of trust in the managerial process. This will result in a more profitable and productive personnel/manager and employment relationship for all.


Personnel are found to fill vacant work positions via job listings online, by word of mouth, or in newspapers. Some employment positions are posted on the physical building of the company seeking workers. Classified advertising and job boards are most common in first-world countries. Word of mouth, flyers, or banners on buildings may be more prevalent in second and third world countries. “Help Wanted” signs are a common and traditional approach to finding personnel to fill vacant positions.


In seeking personnel to fill mid and upper level management positions, a company may employ the services of a recruiting company. These recruitment consultants received a commission for finding the right person for the right job. They identify, screen, and select suitable candidates. These candidates for a position are then presented to the human resources, or personnel, department. This department will further interview the candidate to determine if he or she is a good fit for the company. Recruitment consultants are sometimes called ‘head hunters,’ a not entirely flattering term.


Personnel may be hired into what is called ‘at-will’ employment. Within the constraints of an at-will employment contract, either the employee or the employer may end the relationship at any time. Personnel may have to meet certain requirements in order to terminate employment at a particular company. The most common of these requirements is prior notice. Depending on the company, this prior notice requirement can range from two weeks to more than three months. Many companies have a long prior notice requirement for personnel who are employed in highly technical or particularly demanding jobs. On the other side of the coin, in an at-will employment contract, the employer may be required to provide a severance package. This can be as simple as payment for unused vacation time or a bonus based on months or years of service to the company. Severance packages for personnel who receive insurance or retirement benefits may offer continuation of those benefits until the person is employed elsewhere.


Within the definition of personnel as a department, the employees of a personnel department are responsible for finding employees for the company, offering them positions within the company, and determining the appropriate compensation for the job. Historically, personnel departments were also responsible for any benefits provided to the company’s employees, such as insurance and vacation time.


A final analysis of personnel might be stated as an employee/employer relationship that is mutually advantageous to both parties. The personnel of a company make the company work. Without them, goals would not be reached and profits would not be realized. Most employers understand this and are fair in their compensation of their personnel.

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