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executive management jobs are increasingly available
Posted :05-Feb-2014
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Executive management can be defined as individuals who have day-to-day organizational management duties as directed by the Board of Directors.





The executive management of a company are at the highest management level of a company. They deal with the day-to-day responsibilities and are generally appointed by the Board of Directors and/or the shareholders of said company. These management personnel may hold the following titles:


•CEO – Chief Executive Officer – The CEO is generally the manager at the highest level and is responsible for all the corporation’s operations. He or she reports to the Chairman of the Board. Senior management reports to this person. In many instances, the Chief Executive Officer is also President of the company and sits on the Board of Directors.

•COO - Chief Operations Officer – The COO is frequently more hands-on than the CEO. He handles everything from marketing and sales to production and personnel. The Chief Operations Officer may also be known as a senior vice president and reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer.

•CFO – Chief Financial Officer – The CFO analyzes financial data and reports on the financial health of the corporation. The Chief Financial Officer is also responsible for budget preparation, expenditures, and more. The CFO may also hold the title of senior vice president and is responsible for reporting to shareholders and regulatory entities.

•CIO – Chief Information Officer– A CIO reports to the Chief Executive Officer or President about technology and information technology. The Chief Information Officer may be responsible for software platforms that form the foundation of the corporation.

•CTO – Chief Technology Officer – this corporate manager may report to either the CIO or the CEO about scientific and technology matters throughout the corporation.

•CRO – Chief Revenue Officer – reporting the revenue generation aspects of the corporation is the responsibility of the Chief Revenue Officer. He maintains a high level of alignment and integration between the revenue generators within the company.

•CVO – Chief Visionary Officer – this officer of the corporation acts in an advisory capacity and reports to the highest levels of the corporation. He is responsible for defining working plans and corporate strategies. Product ideas also pass through this officer’s areas of responsibility. The CVO must maintain a comprehensive knowledge of the business of the business and predict its future course.


Not every corporation will have all of these officers. Many successful companies have managerial staff that may handle some of these duties, but they are not officers of the corporation. This means that those high-level managers are not at the highest level, and are not appointed by the Board of Directors.




Each of these officers operates in a hands-on capacity for the corporation or business. They oversee daily operations and have their collective fingers on the pulse of the company. Each of them has his or her departments that report directly. The executive management officers, in turn, report to the shareholders or the Board of Directors, or both.


While it is generally understand that promotion into one of these C-level positions often comes from within the corporation itself, many times a Board of Directors looks outside the company. Looking to people who have not been previously associated with the business can provide that business with new outlooks, perspectives, and knowledge to which they haven’t had access. These positions may be filled by personnel from other related corporations that the Board of Directors knows, to one extent or another.


When a Board of Directors chooses to go outside of the corporation or persons already known to the Board, they generally seek the services of an executive search company. Finding these companies can be made easier through online websites such as staffmanagementjobs-connectdirector.com.


When a Board of Directors chooses to look online, there are a number of things that need to be taken into consideration:


•Does the site respond in a timely manner?

•Is matching the right person with the right skill a priority?

•Is the website trustworthy and dependable, with a high degree of confidentiality?


Our website, staffmanagementjobs-connectdirector.com, provides an online match making service that allows a business to locate exactly the right executive management for your business. After filing your corporate profile online, the dynamic database will access a list of executives that meet your criteria. It is then an easy matter for persons on the Board of Directors to contact those candidates who match their executive management needs.

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