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executive search businesses and agents find qualified candidates
Posted :05-Feb-2014
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Executive search services and agents source and investigate candidates for an organization or corporation’s highest levels of management.





Whether the executive search entity is a group of people or a single agent, their foremost purpose is to find executive-level candidates who may be interested in assuming new positions within another company. Their primary function is a specialization in recruiting personnel at the executive level.


When a Board of Directors or other corporate group decides to replace executives at the highest level of the corporation, they may choose to use the services of an executive search firm. These search agents are informally known as headhunters and their activity is known as headhunting. These agents, whether individual consultants or a member of an executive search firm, may have knowledge of officer-material personnel who are seeking new positions. After identifying the needs and personnel criteria of their corporate client, the executive search agent may act in an intermediary position to contact prospective position candidates. It is not unheard of for executive search agents to reach out to C-level executives who are not actively seeking a new corporate affiliation. The agent will gauge the potential candidate’s response to an offer that would have him resign his present position to take another, possibly with a competitor business.


In addition to seeking out prospective candidates for a corporate client, executive search agents may remain involved in the hiring process. The agent may determine a suitable candidate’s desirability, conduct preliminary or detailed interviews, and present the vetted candidate to the client.


Many corporations maintain a long and mutually beneficial relationship with their executive search firm or agent. Some of these relationships span many years, simply because the search firm has a rich and reputable history of providing viable candidates to the corporation. A number of large corporationsmay have a favorite executive search firm on retainer. Other corporate entities prefer to pay their executive recruiters on a contingency basis, paying the agent for the individual process. Those paid a contingent fee can also have long-term relationships with boards of directors of many corporations. In either case, the powers-that-be and the executive search firm or agent have established a high degree of reliability and confidentiality. The search firm has earned their stellar reputation and is dedicated to preserving their relationship with a corporation.




There are three basic contractual ways for a corporation to engage the services of an executive search firm or agent.


•Contingency Pay

•Retained Search

•Delimited Search


In their simplest terms, in a contingency paid search, the executive search entity receives payment only if they successfully fill the open position with a suitable candidate. In a retained search, the executive search firm receives an up-front partial payment to perform a required search for the corporation. This pre-fee is compensation for the expertise and time of the search firm or agent. The remainder of the finders’ fee is paid when the candidate takes a position with the corporate client. In a delimited search, an up-front fee is paid, but is refundable if the executive search entity doesn’t find a suitable candidate for the corporate client.




If you are a member of a Board of Directors for a newly-established corporation, you may have limited knowledge of or access to reputable executive search bodies. So where do you go to look for a group or person who can deliver the right people for your highest level managerial positions? Staffmanagementjobs-connectdirector.com can be your answer. Because of a dynamic, powerful data base used for matching profiles, you may be able to almost instantly acquire the names and pertinent data of organizations in your area.


A database-generated list can be the first step to putting your business in touch with a qualified recruiter. This list may include agents that specialize in your business’s field. Upon contacting one or more, you may find a group that can adequately service your open position needs. It is as easy as that to find exactly the right executive search firm for your particular enterprise.


When you need an executive search, the best way to find the appropriate entity may be by going to our website and using our database to search. Our world-wide network portals can easily do the job in your location.

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