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management jobs are available wherever people work
Posted :05-Feb-2014
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A person who holds a management job oversees large projects, makes decisions, and functions as a team leader in his or her workplace.





Wherever groups of employees are found, generally a manager heads the group. In any given business, there may be a number of management jobs, depending on the working population of the company or enterprise. Management jobs run the gamut from C-level executives who manage other high- to mid-level managers to line supervisors who oversee a large group of people.


The different departments throughout a company can have degreed professionals holding down the management jobs. The following is a partial listing of those management jobs that require higher education degrees:


    • In a construction environment, the management jobs may be filled by degreed, professionals such as architects and engineers.

    •In a scientific workplace, the managers may be titled as scientists, researchers, or clinicians.

    •In the health field, these management jobs may be held by doctors or registered nurses, who hold professional degrees.

    •Another department in which one may find management jobs filled by professional, degreed personnel is the IT department of a company. It is frequently found that computer and information systems managers have earned Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in computer science.

    •Financial management jobs may best be filled by managers who hold a degree in business or higher-level mathematics, such as statistics. These managers may make financial decisions within the framework of the company.

    • General and operations managers can be considered directors of various departments within the company that employees them. They may be responsible for the oversight of specific projects or manage the daily operations and formulate policies and procedures. Many of these managers have attended college and earned degrees in business or some other profession that is pertinent to the company for which they work.


In almost any for-profit enterprise, the everyday business of the business needs guidance and direction from those employees who have been assigned management jobs. Managers are required in marketing and sales, leading their team to increased sales and success of the business. In these organizations, sales people and marketers report to a higher-level management director who may oversee their contributions to the company. A sales manager’s job may require him or her to set sales goals and initiate training programs for their subordinate salespeople. The managers may also be required to implement work strategies that improve sales records of their employees. Human resources managers oversee the teams that recruit, interview, and hire employees for the company, among other things. The persons holding human resources management jobs may be the link between higher-level management and the employees.


In non-profit organizations, the management jobs may be comprised of employees who oversee public relations and fundraising. These managers may monitor and supervisor those other employees who are in charge of media releases and public fundraising events and strategies. In many cases, the upper-level management jobs in a non-profit organization are filled by managers or supervisors who are in charge of a group of unpaid volunteers. In some cases, the management jobs in a non-profit group are also unpaid positions. Persons interested in the focus or goals of such a group may contribute their time and expertise to help the non-profit attain its purpose.




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