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many businesses rely on sales jobs for success
Posted :05-Feb-2014
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A sale is the action of trading goods or services to an individual or business in exchange for money. Sales jobs belong to those who conduct the trade.





The definition of a sales job has remained static throughout the past century and into this one. The two basic designations were independent contractors or employees. Employees receive benefits, such as healthcare insurance, vacation and personal time, and retirement plans, in addition to their salary. Independent contractors are paid commissions for sales and receive no benefits.


Sales jobs can be some of the highest paid professions in the career field, and may be equivalent to doctors, CEOs, and professional athletes. Sales professionals can, many times, have unlimited earning potential in the employer’s compensation program. There are a variety of sales jobs, some of which nearly guarantee the highest incomes in the field. That being said, the opposite is also true, and a person who seeks a sales job had better be competitive, especially when being paid commission only. These are some of the most available sales jobs:


    • Independent Sales Professionals: This sales job allows for a great deal of flexibility and freedom, as the sales professional may not work for any one company. Generally considered a good job for entrepreneurs, the independent businessperson must be disciplined, dedicated, self-motivated, and goal-oriented. He or she must have a great working knowledge of each of the goods or services he represents. This professional can set a schedule to match their lifestyle; however, they need to be disciplined and exhibit good time management skills. An independent sales professional is generally an independent contractor who does not receive a salary or benefits from a company that he represents.

    • Manufacturer’s Sales Representatives: These sales jobs workers are committed to and employed by one company, for the most part. They need to exhibit the same traits as an independent sales professional. As an employee of just one company, these sales reps may draw a base salary from the company that is augmented by commission on their sales. It is not uncommon for these salespeople to represent more than one company, if all companies agree to this arrangement.

    • Salesperson working within a company’s Sales Department: Frequently, these are referred to as inside sales. They may spend their working day online or on the telephone taking orders, arranging shipments, and tracking sales of any sales reps that may report directly to them.




Recently, sales jobs seem to fall into four distinct categories: inside and outside sales reps and commissioned and non-commissioned sales jobs.


There has been a marked increase in inside sales reps in the recent past, due in large part to the availability of buyers doing business online. Inside sales reps, especially those who work on the phone or online are less expensive to employ than an outside sales representative is. Additionally, the number of contacts or customers that an inside sales rep can service in one day is much larger than that of an outside sales rep, who is required to drive from customer to customer. Even taking into consideration the cost of benefits for an inside sales job, the employer may find this a more attractive option, economically.


Outside sales reps may incur costs that are ultimately paid by the employer. These may include reimbursement for gas purchases, client meals, and travel expenses, including hotels and meals for the representative. Many employers are steering away from outside sales jobs simply because of these expenses.


While salespeople have largely relied on commissions as their main income stream, that trend may be changing. The general public may feel as if the salesperson that is paid on commission is only interested in sell the highest-priced item, so that he may get a larger paycheck. Employers and manufacturers have noticed this attitude and may advertise their sales force as being non-commissioned. The public may feel as if this makes the salesman more in tune with what the customer really wants than with what sort of commission he or she receives.




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