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staff jobs make up the majority of the workforce
Posted :05-Feb-2014
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Staff jobs are held by employees who are responsible for accomplishing certain tasks and contributing to the overall success of their employer’s business.





No matter the business, without staff to accomplish the daily duties, the business will most likely not be very successful.Staff jobs cover a broad spectrum of occupations, careers, and employment positions. They may be full or part-time jobs. Some staff jobs may be seasonal or short-term. Many staff jobs can be considered entry-level positions. These jobs may offer the possibility of advancement within the company or enterprise. Whatever the definition of the staff job within a corporation or business, you can be assured that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different staff job designations. A partial listing of staff jobs might include the following, but thousands of other positions are considered staff:

• Front Office Clerks – accomplish basic office duties that keep information flowing.

• Engineers – mechanical, structural, chemical, geologist, civil.

• Wait Staff in an Eating Establishment-may also include chefs, maître de, bartender, cook.

• Nurses – registered, clinical assistance, compliance, disease-control.

• Accountants and Auditors – tax preparers, certified public accountants, financial analysts.

• Secretarial Personnel – administrative assistants, executive secretaries, high-level clerks.

• Material Handlers and Warehousemen – physical labor.

• Medical Clinicians – laboratory personnel, aides.

• Compliance Analyst – the rules and regulations expert.

• Dental Assistants and Hygienists – support staff to the doctor of dentistry.

• Delivery Drivers – local, regional, and over-the-road.

Even an entrepreneur has staff, in a manner of speaking. Despite working alone, his or her support staff might be theoretically considered to be comprised of the post office clerk, the printer, the deliveryman, and others. An entrepreneur ‘hires’ these workers on an as-needed basis. While a printer may be on the staff of a printing company, he provides a paid service to an independent businessman, who might think of the printer as part of his staff.




When a business requires additional or replacement staff, the human resources department of that company might place an advertisement for the open staff job. You can peruse newspapers for classified ads. Other publications that might have job openings are trade journals, professional newsletters, and more. Other enterprises may choose to use the services of a staffing agency to find qualified candidates for a position. As its employees take other positions, leave the company, retire, or quit their jobs, it is incumbent upon the company to find a replacement.


If you choose to use a staffing agency to help you find a job, you must first find the correct agency. An agency and its agents that specialize in software and firmware jobs most likely won’t be able to find you a position as an insurance adjuster.


If you are seeking a staff job, your best source could quite possibly be found online. Staffmanagementjobs-connectdirector.com is a professional networking website that offers business contacts, networking, online content, matching, and web advertising. The site’s dynamic database takes your filed profile and matches it with business profiles that may have open staff jobs in your area of expertise. Here are a few of the features offered through the website:


• Business, social, and personal networking

• Profile match making with like-minded businesses or individuals

• Business directories

• Web advertising

• Business services

• Blogs, newsletters, built-in communication services


It is easy to become a member of connectdirector.com. Each step is accomplished online, and it won’t be long until you may be in contact with other members, member businesses, and more. The website also acts as a social network, where you may meet people with whom you share a common interest.


The first step to finding a staff job in which you are interested, or for which you may be qualified, is to go online and utilize the services of a match-making website like ours. Companies that use our website are looking for people with your qualifications. Additionally, you might make new friends and establish new contacts through our social networking portal. The site is multi-national and multi-language, giving us global exposure with a national focus.

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