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StaffManagementJobs-Connectdirector, employer and personnel service website for job positions / job vacancies with unique advanced human resource selecting features. Job seekers can contact online, follow and apply for professional jobs of job providers like a hiring company, employment agency, executive search agency, recruitment agency and a staffing agency. Staff Management Jobs Connectdirector offers carreer jobs networking,  job advertisements, human resources service providers directory and human resources & executive management business services. We at Connectdirector have a global exposure with a national / local focus and are an authority in guiding and reducing barriers by direct linking business and social interests.

Associate Business Services

Our Associate Business Service - Integral Human Resources Management Services (HRM)

We at Connectdirector, in cooperation with our local associates, operating under a single brand name; Consultdustry Business Counsellors & Interim Managers, provide;

Integral Human Resources Management Services (HRM)
  •  tailor-made to meet customer needs,
  •  organisational phase activity:research, plan, develop, improve and/or restructure,
  •  role:counsel, assist and/or execute,
  •  responsibility:contribute, coordinate and/or supervise.


Our professional core values
  •  client benefit and quality obligation
  •  trusted and committed
  •  practical hands-on entrepreneurial spirit
Our HRM Services contains
  • executive search
  • interim management
  • temporary staffing
  • HR consultancy
  • HR policy counselling
  • supplier of e-recruitment software & websites
  • expat assistance

Interested in our Business Service - Integral Human Resources Management Services (HRM)


Executive Search

Distinctive identifying, assessing and onboarding of topnotch executives.

  • not just resumes of candidates for executive and professional positions, but also insightful, consultative business related information with preference contacts based on exclusivity, will also give in general a more attractive results,
  • executive search benefits are;discrete / confidentiality, success guarantee, public perception, simple contract termination, knowledge & experience (process credibility, time, reference checking, law, objectivity / fairly assessment, salary and benefit, active network), market survey information,
  • executive search disadvantages are;high fees, strongly depend on the person, restrictions imposed by earlier agreements / positions(as internal, in house recruitment advantage are; organization's familiarity, competencies trustworthiness, quick - no contract and preparation needed - and lower cost-to-hire),
  • 3 contract fees options, to choose of

       - contingent;
         only upon the successful completion and onboarding (success fee)
       - retained;
         1/3 of fee paid at assignment of executive search, 1/3 paid thirty days later, and the
          final 1/3 paid upon placement of candidate (progress fee),
       - delimited /engaged search;
         an up-front fee which is discounted from the final placement fee at successful onboarding of
         candidate's first year compensation (combination of contingent and retained),

  • recruitment stages as an external service providers we prefer to undertake all the specialized aspects of the recruitment process but it is an cost effective option that the client will partly or completely fulfill defined tasks in the recruitment stages,

        - job & organisation analysis;
          person specification, job requirements, descriptions, specifications, assignment conditions,
        - programming & tuning procedures;
          objectives, define role and task of company management and in-house hrm personnel, sourcing
          method, matching criteria, imposed employers legal obligations (equal opportunity, ethical
        - process of attracting;
          sourcing; (direct) contacting potential candidates (working for competitor or related business),
          advertising, online networks & social media, resume database search, business partners,
          referral program,
        - (pre)-screening;
          relevant skills, knowledge, aptitude, qualifications and educational or job related experience,
        - interviewing;
          encompass audit qualifications, compare matching criteria, "soft skills" job, attitude and
           company cultural fit,
        - selecting
        - examining;
          skills or personality and performance assessments such as candidates' motivations,
          psychological, aptitude, numeracy, physical and literacy testing and second opinion(s) of
          organizational fit,
        - decision-making
          at the final stage is by client,
        - contracting;
           finalizing job offer,
        - onboarding;
          facilitate introduction.

Interim Management

Temporary hiring a specialist to solve problems, accelerate and enhance shareholder/stakeholder value.

  • a combination of advising, operational management and implementing changes / improvements,
  • temporality, focused on unique organizational problem and interim assignment (be aware of incorrect and unclear problem / task settings), management and a defined (final) responsibility,
  • dichotomy in functional interim management (capacity / replacement / bridging, expertise, project) and change interim management (recovery, crisis, corporate turnaround, strategic (share) transformation)
  • impact classified by urgency and organizational effect,
  • types of interim management;

        - change interim management
          conversions like mergers and acquisitions, strategic reorientation and improvement processes,
        - crisis & turnaround interim management
          fundamental policy change and recovery effect by implementing, radical transformations to
          achieve long-term continuity,
        - bridging or substitution interim management
          consistency by temporarily filling a management position,
        - operational and functional interim management;
          operational and support management positions,
        - expertise interim management
          temporary appointment of specific knowledge management,
        - project interim management
          planning and guiding management of a defined project activity.

  • management positions;

        - automation/ICT, facilities, finances, general, HRM, legal affairs, logistics, techniques,
          marketing / PR & communication, production, program/project, purchase, R&D, sales

Temporary Staffing

Flex capacity, proven expertise and experience for key positions

  • senior professionals, BA/MBA-university level with a minimum of 10 years of work experience,
  • key positions, middle and senior management; staff, operational management and technical personnel
  • specific operational jobs and projects as;

        - additional capacity, bridging, temporary replacement during illness and holidays, extended
        - excluded are interim management positions as those will require policy, restructuring and/or

  • additional services as shared resources of collegial staff borrowing and lending, payroll outsourcing
  • temporary staffing benefits are;fast availability candidates, less labor intensive selection, positive impact and influence new staff, no employer risks, no employer and redundancy requirements, flexibility in capacity and knowledge, limiting administrative burden, limitation HRM activities, extended 'probation',
  • temporary staffing disadvantages are;outsiders, induction period, slightly more expensive, chance of distortions (between temps / permanent staff),
  • benefits for the temporary employee are;personal account representative, more flexibility in contracts, more change gives greater experience, project work, possibility of permanent position, threshold-lowering entry


HR Consultancy

Specialized human resources management advice and effecting to complement and/or expand your HRM staff

  • employment contracts, conditions & primary benefits
  • staff handbook, house rules & secondary (fringe) benefits
  • job profiles, title, competence and responsibilities, organizational position and relationships, objectives and results
  • recruitment, onboarding, probation
  • performance & career accompaniment , indicators, appraisal, personal development plan, consequences
  • promoting & rewarding
  • development, training & coaching, mentorship


HR Policy Counselling

boardroom sparring partner, determination and development of HRM strategy and management

  • organizational structure, leadership and culture,
  • workforce strategy & flexibility, succession planning,
  • organizational and performance conductor,
  • HR compliance and governance regulation,
  • (executive) compensation and benefits,
  • employment and labour laws,
  • payroll and benefits administration,
  • subcontracting hr business services and issues,
  • liaison management of employees' representatives and affairs,
  • HR services (inhouse / department & outsourcing),
  • HR analytics.
Supplier of e-recruitment software & websites

external appearance and internal process optimization

  • account and project management,
  • design, programming and implementation,
  • to customize proven standard tool(s),
  • for process control and minimize administration effort,
  • to attract, test, recruit, employ and retain quality staff.
Expat Assistance

Familiarizing and practical guidance of posted managers and their household

  • personal service, to management and their family,
  • introduction and assistance,
  • to local customs,
  • housing,
  • education and schools,
  • insurances, legal & tax matters,
  • entertainment, activities and attractions, business and public clubs.

Interested in our Business Service - Integral Human Resources Management Services (HRM)


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